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Floorplan Studio is based in Cadigal country, part of the Eora Nation nowadays referred to as Sydney, Australia. The Gadigal People are part of seven clans in the Eora Nation and have an extensive culture, ecology, stories and songlines unique to their region. Floorplan pays respect to First Nations people and their Elders, Past, Present and Emerging.


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Sharing in this collective body of water, the object and subject blur, beginning a process of vitality and decay—shaped entirely by the their own waterbody and its habits.




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Enamel, sealant and bubble wrap on inkjet print canvas.

Pandora, 2022

Thomas Kusturin

Thomas Kusturin’s work locates pressure points at which the intelligibility of the image breaks down. Coming from a place of gestural abstraction, the low-relief qualities of bubble wrap assist Kusturin to gutter the ‘raining’ down of paint. The intentional play on words reference a generation of abstract painters who expressed their practice as something pure, naturally masculine and religiously substantive. The materials and processes he uses function oppositely - to suspend and dissipate a Western metaphysical source of mark making.

Artwork Statement

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