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Floorplan Studio is based in Cadigal country, part of the Eora Nation nowadays referred to as Sydney, Australia. The Gadigal People are part of seven clans in the Eora Nation and have an extensive culture, ecology, stories and songlines unique to their region. Floorplan pays respect to First Nations people and their Elders, Past, Present and Emerging.


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Sharing in this collective body of water, the object and subject blur, beginning a process of vitality and decay—shaped entirely by the their own waterbody and its habits.




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3x5 inkjet print tattoos, metal bucket, sponge, water, participatory performance. 

One Hundred Bodies of Water, 2023

Lisa Myeong-Joo

Lisa Myeong-Joo is an emerging artist and arts worker combining personal narrative, material and gesture into an expanded performance practice. She considers how meaning is made and transferred between the body, place and culture. As a Korean adoptee, her work often occupies the space in-between by making room for embodied, ambiguous and risky processes to unfold. Lisa is interested in participatory performance as a tool for collective experience and a new way to invite play and connection with one another.

Artwork Statement

100 Bodies of Water is a series of 3x5 photographs; functioning as both collectable objects and temporary tattoos ready to be activated on the body. The photographs document a sunset on the Ganges River in Varanasi, 2017, a site considered sacred to many. Sharing in this collective body of water, object and subject blur, beginning a process of change – shaped entirely by the participant’s own body of water and its habits. By doing so, they choose to honour this life-giving element and may be reminded of the fluidity and impermanence of all things, all beings.

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