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Floorplan Studio is based in Cadigal country, part of the Eora Nation nowadays referred to as Sydney, Australia. The Gadigal People are part of seven clans in the Eora Nation and have an extensive culture, ecology, stories and songlines unique to their region. Floorplan pays respect to First Nations people and their Elders, Past, Present and Emerging.


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Secondplace Collective - Open Source Exhibition

○ Contribution

Thrilled to contribute this project by @secondplace_collective and share how we work towards a collective creative practice.

Open Source explores ways of working around and beyond institutional agendas in collective creative practice. The project focuses on the idea of mutual aid as shared ways of working and collective spaces are increasingly difficult to access and achieve.

Rockpool Residency - Events live

○ Program

Join us on a low-tide 'rockpool ramble' with marine biologist Will Jones, and a birding and ecology bushwalk with Renée Ferster Levy. We welcome you to explore the extraordinary ecologies of Nielsen Park with us. Tickets available from the project page

Visit the project page here 

Rockpool Residency - Event Day

○ Program

Announcing Rockpool Residency: Unseen Words Art & Event day at Nielsen Park, Vaucluse, 17.02.24. This project takes place on the lands of the Gadigal and Birrabirragal People.

Visit the project page here 

Rockpool Residency - Creative Project

○ Program

Announcing our Rockpool Residency
We have been connecting with the Burrowway / Moring / Vaucluse Point location for the past three years. Through our engagement with the Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf we are excited to intensify our investigation into the complex intertidal ecologies of Neilsen Park — a heritage-listed site of ongoing significance to the Birrabirragal People.

Visit the project page here 

Cool Change - Upcoming Exhibition 

○ Exhibition, Program, Brand Identity

Announcing a Floorplan Studio group exhibition and creative discussion framed by Australia’s shifting cultural and geographical landscapes. Cool Change navigates deep ecology, effects of anthropogenic degradation, de-colonial narratives, relationships to the land & the ever-present tensions of old and new. Cool Change opens 18 Jan 2023.

Visit the project page here 

Floorplan Studio - New Case Study 

○ Brand Identity

We are excited to launch the new Brand Identity Suite for Floorplan Studio. Case study coming soon.

Cool Change - New Exhibition Text 

○ Exhibition, Text

Thank you to everyone that attended the Cool Change Opening Night. 

"Born out of a growing urgency to discuss and untangle the complexities of the world around us, Cool Change is framed by Australia’s shifting cultural and ecological landscapes."

Read the full text here 

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Floorplan Studio is a Contemporary online space and creative publishing platform. The artist collaborative values creativity as an essential component of everyday life. Find out more about us here. Contact us here. 

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Binoomea (Jenolan Caves)

○ Video, Cave, Organic Formation

Nestled amidst the outskirts of the Blue Mountains lies the surreal crystallised wonderland of Jenolan Caves. At 839 meters above sea level, the caves are the largest open-air cave systems in the world.

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