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Zoe Baumgartner is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer, utilising an approach that highlights collaboration and mixing mediums.
Her practise investigates human and non-human relationships, interactions, and reliances- exploring how they grow and develop, and why. Across Zoe's work she aims to visually represent ideas and projects. Employing the tools from both photography and design, Zoe's work strives to clarify and expand conversations surrounding visual communication.

Text supplied by artist.

Zoe Baumgartner 

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Floorplan Studio is based in Cadigal country, part of the Eora Nation nowadays referred to as Sydney, Australia. The Gadigal People are part of seven clans in the Eora Nation and have an extensive culture, ecology, stories and songlines unique to their region. Floorplan pays respect to First Nations people and their Elders, Past, Present and Emerging.


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